Street Art San Francisco Book

This beautiful book calls 40 years of startlingly vivacious wall painting Mission Muralismo. It can be anonymous or branded, savage or sophisticated - and it mutates all the time. Puts a different spin on the whole notion of accessible art.
-Time Out London

Street Art San Francisco, Mission Muralismo

Authors: Edited by Annice Jacoby, Foreword by Carlos Santana

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Page Count: 304
Cover: Hardcover with jacket
Illustrations: 900 full-color illustrations

Edited by Annice Jacoby for Precita Eyes Muralists, featuring a foreword by Carlos Santana and the work of over 200 artists and writers, Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo was a book twelve years in the making. This unique record of San Francisco's Mission Mural Movement is filled with vivid, detailed color images and stories that give a unique perspective on the artistic and political forces that helped to make muralism in the mission what it is today

Praise for Street Art San Francisco, Mission Muralismo

"From the deconstructed superheroes of Aaron Noble to the politic salvos of Balmy Alley, the artistic legacy of the Mission District is rich enough to draw comparisons to both New York's East Village and Paris' Left Bank. Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo, a newly published and staggeringly beautiful monograph, is the ultimate testimony."

"Mission Muralismo might be the most important book ever compiled on San Francisco art."

Silke Tudor
Street Art Comes Up: Mission Muralismo at the de Young
Mission Art Goes Uptown
SF Weekly
October 30, 2009

"San Francisco's Mission District boasts a greater concentration of street art than any other neighborhood in the world. You'll get a glimpse of this here in over 500 archival and contemporary photographs. Neighborhood native and 'mural aficionado', Carlos Santana, provides the introduction to this colorful and at times, moving tour of cultural commentary. You'll see R. Crumb and Diego Rivera depicted here, along with a range of other talented street artists."

"This book makes me want to go back to that neighborhood and stay awhile and walk those streets again, but slowly, as if walking through a museum."

Karen Zarker
December 3, 2009

"This is Mission Muralismo, a book edited by Annice Jacoby. Its got hundreds of pages of big, glossy photos of all the best of Mission street art sprinkled with thoughtful essays. Its contributors include Mission barrio luminaries like R. Crumb, Shepard Fairey, las Mujeres Muralistas, Neckface and Rigo."

Caitlin Donohue
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Friday, November 6, 2009

"Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo is a marvelous volume that honors the agora, the marketplace of ideas that's open all night. Citizen-artists reclaiming the dead husks of the City's enclosures with gestures of presence, difference, and autonomy, turning the buildings inside out... That's now where the true Art is. Here is the real "popular" culture, speaking Truth to Power, and giving it away for free.

Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo so convincingly affirms the notion of Beauty as useless without the trace of Truth. This voluptuous volume suggests a thousand ways (forward), towards a fusion of those ultimately inseparable categories, Art and Life. Like the breath-taking visions it documents (reproduces), this book is monumental, yet filled with secret knowledge and histories.

Who would have guessed that these mean streets could be the home for such luscious beauty and such aesthetic transcendence? As promise showed at the Other Cinema Sneak Preview in May Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo is a handsome book of beautiful pictures."

Craig Baldwin
Other Cinema
San Francisco

"This book captures the essence of San Francisco: community, diversity, color and expression. It's a city that belongs to its artists, and this book feels that way too. I've always felt that street art is a means to awaken people to their surroundings. "Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo" shows not only how these artists used the streets to engage their community but also how their art can still, to this day, illuminate the time and place in which it was created."

Shepard Fairey