School Field Trips

Cultural and historic walking tours along the Mission Street and 24th Street corridors in the Mission District.


Every weekend, Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center offers several different guided mural walks. Each walk features different murals and all of our tours are conducted by muralists.

Private tours, group tours, bicycle tours, bus tours, and other customized mural tours are available by appointment for any day of the week.


School field trip tours for all ages, from pre-K through college to elder hostel are also available by appointment.




For more information contact Patricia Rose at:

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School Field Trips


Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center offers academic field trip tours, by reservation, for Monday through Friday appointments. Field trip tours are offered for elementary school, middle school, and high school. There are two different field trips we can offer you; times and prices vary:


Standard Mission Mural Walk - This is our basic mural tour. Your guide is a Precita Eyes Muralist who will walk with you and show you murals while offering commentary and answering questions. The Standard tour lasts approximately one hour. The cost is $4/child and $10/adult, but we have a starting rate of $60 as we are unable to conduct this tour for less than that. We may charge more than $60 for tour if there are enough people to justify it (e.g. 25 children at $4/each = $100 + 3 adults at $10/each = $30, for a total of $130).


Classic Mission Mural Walk - This is our more in-depth tour. We begin with a slide presentation covering a brief introduction to the history of muralism (our first image is of a cave painting) as well as a very broad look at contemporary murals and the artists who create them, including spray can murals. This is followed by the guided walk, so the Classic tour takes longer. With most school groups it is usually about an hour and a half. The cost is $5/child and $10/adult; the starting rate for a Classic tour is also $60.


Tour Capacity - Whether you choose the Standard tour or the Classic tour, the capacity limit is not more than 30 people, including all students, teachers, drivers, chaperons, parents, siblings, and anyone else who participates. If your group includes more than 30 people, please consider scheduling more than one mural tour in order to accommodate everyone. We can often conduct more than one tour on a given day, but we cannot conduct them at the same time; they would have to be staggered. How far apart we stagger them usually depends on which type of tour you select.


Oversize Tours - If your group includes more than 30 people, but not more than 40, we can offer you a 1-hour tour of the murals in Balmy Alley. This historic 1-block alley is home to approximately 40 individual murals dating from 1972 to the present. The cost for a Balmy Alley Oversize tour is $4/child and $10/adult, starting at $60.


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